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This blog captures my thoughts and observations of Amelia since there are so many wonderful things I want to just bottle and enjoy. Time doesn't stop and while I will have memories, it will be nice for both her and me to have these in-the-moment snapshots of her life.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cat in the Hat

Amelia's fever broke last night and so I let her go to preschool this morning. Miss Lisa said she must have been reading The Cat in the Hat a little too enthusiastically because Amelia said very seriously, "Miss Lisa! You need to calm down!" Miss Lisa said it was so funny it took her a couple of minutes to get back to reading.

Amelia did not seem up for daycare this afternoon so she spent some time on Dodah's couch and then Daddy came home from work early. She didn't eat much until this evening and then she ate really well, so hopefully by tomorrow she'll be much, much better.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sick child

I thought it would be fun to take Amelia to McDonald's after pre-school today. I invited her friend Eli and his mom, too. Amelia did enjoy McDonald's but she didn't eat any of her lunch - and she loves their apples so that was unusual. When we got ready to leave she wanted me to pick her up and she was real lethargic on the way home. She developed a high fever and by 3:30 pm was sound asleep on my arms. (She NEVER naps.) This is in addition to the rash she has all over her back that I was afraid might be small bug bites so I washed all of her bedding and her huge floor rabbit this morning. The largest cluster of the rash is on her shoulder blade closest to the arm that got the flu shot. I think she's reacting to her flu shot.

I went in at one point when she was resting because she was saying, "Mommy, find my voice!" She still sounded normal to me, but I think the congestion was setting in and it wasn't sounding right or feeling right to her. Poor thing.

Her teacher said she was showing Amelia something on the computer today and then Amelia said, "Miss Lisa, I think you need to go help someone else in another room." I apologetically said, "She's getting a little bossy," but Miss Lisa laughed it off and said it was just Amelia's way of saying she understood the computer assignment. Again, it's nice to have a teacher that understands 4 year-olds and gives mine the benefit of the doubt!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

What's Happening?

She's trying to be cool but she winds up just being too cute to correct. She comes up to you and with both palms raised toward the ceiling and arms outstretched she asks, "What's it all about?"


The other thing I do try to correct her on, unsuccessfully, is how she will ask, "Am I fascinating with _________." She just doesn't understand yet that she is actually fascinated. But that's okay, because I find her fascinating. (I know, awww ... just couldn't resist the mama love!)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tie Dye Fun

An acquaintance just tie-dyed this shirt for Amelia and I love it! She wore it to a birthday party for one of her preschool friends this afternoon. It has turned cold and the party was outside on a covered deck so she had to wear her coat the whole time. Oh well.

This was the first party we've been to where I didn't know the girl or her family. We shopped for Hannah Montana stuff since that is what the little girl likes. Amelia was head over heels for a disposable camera with Hannah Montana on it and I added a Hannah Montana microphone that is supposed to be compatible with FM radios so it can be amplified. Amelia thought that was a bad idea but the little girl loved it. (Score one for Mommy, woo-hoo!)

Amelia has no idea who Hannah Montana is and yesterday at the clinic the nurse tried to give Amelia a Hannah Montana sticker. When I said we were going to a party the next day and the little girl loved Hannah Montana the nurse was like, Zoe? Turns out her mom works at the clinic. It's a small world after all ....

[picture dated 9/26/09]

Friday, September 25, 2009

4-year Check-up

Amelia had her 4-year check-up today. It occurred to me that she's ben seeing this doctor since she was 5 days old and I've never taken her picture with Amelia. Do I remember to bring the camera, though? Nope.

She was 38 lbs., 40 inches tall (I think) ... the nurse did say she grew three inches since last year, so I'll check that later. She didn't get any of her regular shots since they said she could get them between now and turning 5 and since she'll have to have a physical for school before she actually turns 5, then I'll just do it then. Plus, I knew I wanted her to get the flu shot and I didn't want to combine it with the polio, etc. shots. (There was a huge list - I was surprised.) She only got a half dose of the flu shot because the only other time she's gotten te flu shot was 2 years ago and it was also only a half dose, so we're supposed to go for a booster in a month since I didn't do that last time. They gave it to her in her arm and she jumped out of instinct and the nurse was like, "I told you to stay still!" [Um, she's 4. Maybe we should have gone for the leg?] So the needle wound up scratching her, but she did get the shot.

She didn't do as well on her eye exam as she did last year, but they saved it for last and it was out in the hallway where there were LOTS of distractions, so it could be her attention span was shot. However, I think it's a good time to start her at an eye doctor anyway, so I came home and made her an appointment for next Friday. I'd like for him to check her eyes individually and just have a baseline for her vision and overall eye health.

She scored stickers, of course, but also these cool blue gloves which she has had fun with all day.

[picture dated 9/25/09]

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

4 years old

It seems impossible that Amelia is 4 years old. To me, that's the age of a little girl ... not a baby girl! I might have to admit she is growing up!

I volunteered at preschool this morning and we had a nice Dora themed birthday party at snack time. I stopped at the grocery store on the way to preschool to buy the freshest cupcakes available. I couldn't find the small 2-bite cupcakes (didn't want to overload the youngsters, especially since we had goldfish and apples, too) and when I asked the bakery worker replied that they were a seasonal item. Huh?!?! What is seasonal about little cupcakes? So I had to buy the larger ones with the obnoxious food coloring in the icing, much to Amelia's delight.

The little kids all loved having a Dora party hat and later in the morning they would one by one decide to put it in their take-home cubby. SO cute! Amelia had a special green crown she wore and all the kids made her a card. When we read them at home later she was especially interested in the last one we looked at. She asked a bit enthusiastically, "Is that one from Joey?" When I told her it was she asked, "Can I hug him tomorrow?" Hmmmm. I told her she had to ask first and if he said no, that she could not.

Amelia's preschool this year is SO much better. I can't believe the change in her. There's just a little less structure and I think that helps. There was so much structure last year it was almost rigid. Plus last year her teacher's background was in social work and this year her teacher is a childhood educator (or whatever it's called these days). HUGE difference in the approach to the classroom and to Amelia.

Back to Amelia's birthday ... in the evening we had some leftover cake and we gave her the two presents from us. (At her party, it was presents from everyone else.) She insisted on opening mine first (since I'm #2 after all) and then Daddy's. I gave her a floor puzzle that is a map of the United States. It's a little beyond her capabilities, but I thought it would be excellent to have on hand over the next year. When we traveled to Colorado this summer I took the opportunity to show her on a map where we live, wher Grandma lives, where we flew from (a different state than where we live) and where we were visiting. She seemed really interested. Daddy gave her a Sandra Boynton book and CD, Philadelphia Chickens, which was an immediate hit, so good thing she opened mine first!

[picture dated 9/22/09]

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Party Girl

We had her party today and we were almost late! It's been raining here since Wednesday and we bought discount tickets to the fair ahead of time so we took the opportunity of no rain this morning to go. Amelia had a blast (as long as we were riding rides) but was full of mud by the time we headed home so we quickly changed into a dress, out of her jeans and went barefoot for the party.

She had three little friends and an assortment of adults (family friends plus both grandmothers) and wasn't overwhelmed with gifts, which is a good thing. She did want to read her books before moving onto other presents, but other than that, present opening went smoothly.

Tia Polly got a beautiful cake with a picture of Amelia on it. We haven't eaten that part yet. Amelia did (somewhat) discreetly run her finger along the middle of the edge of half the cake, removing and taste testing the icing. She couldn't understand why I wouldn't let her finish doing that once I caught her.

Grandma came up from Florida for the party and she babysat Amelia yesterday while I worked. They had a lot of fun playing Cooties (which Amelia calls Cuties).

It's hard to believe that Amelia is truly almost four years old now!
[picture dated 9/19/09]

Sunday, September 13, 2009

She's NOT Allergic to Bee Stings

Leaving for the church picnic this afternoon, Amelia climbed into her car seat, leaned over the side and started an ear piercing scream. I thought maybe she pinched her finger on something and I leaned over and there was a bee! I grabbed her out of the car, tried to be silly and upbeat while she's still screaming and said, "There's a bee in the car, what a nasty, nasty bee." We went upstairs and washed off her hand and she was still crying and I asked her where it hurt because I still didn't see a mark or anything. It was on the very tip of her middle finger - like when you get pricked at the doctor's office or blood drive - OUCH! Up until then I was calm, but suddenly I found myself trying not to panic while I ran through what I could remember of 'bee sting first aid' in my head and was looking for swelling, etc. So we did peroxide and a band-aid (Handy Manny!), and as soon as the band-aid was on the tears stopped. I grabbed a single serve of Benadryl that I had (thanks Jeannine!) and we headed to the park for the picnic. I asked a nurse that goes to church with us about the sting and she said it looked like Amelia was having no reaction and not to give her the Benadryl since it would only make her groggy.

Hopefully Amelia will be wary/respectful but not terrified of bees. So far she's not truly afraid of anything and I'd like to keep it that way. And I guess it's good to know she is not allergic to bee stings .. it will make me rest easier in the future when she has recess, field trips, Girl Scout camp, etc. and could be bit when I'm not there.

Still, this mom stuff is tough!

And Amelia did have a blast at the park again ... we had perfect weather for it. I changed her to play clothes but only after she dropped home-made blueberry perserves on her pretty dress (the one she wore at her dance recital). I cannot tout the wonders of Oxi-clean enough now, let me say. You would NEVER know there had been a HUGE blueberry stain on the skirt. If only it would do that for permanent ink ...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Playing Possum

Amelia needed "Hee-eelp!" today and when I asked her for what, she said she needed the baby possum which was too high for her to reach. I gave it to her and she promptly nestled it beside its parents for a nap in her rocking chair.
Earlier today Daddy took Amelia to the football field to watch the marching band practice and she wound up running from one end zone to the other shouting out the numbers as she ran around them. (I wasn't there for that .. but where does she get the energy?!)

In the afternoon while Daddy went to the football game we went to the park and she played with Malachi, a boy she doesn't know but they are the same age - his mom and I are acquaintances. They did that thing where they are interested in playing with each other but act like the other one isn't there. Finally, they connected when Amelia wanted him to follow her ... no, she's not bossy at all. Meanwhile I talked to his mom and it's fun to compare notes and find out things like a man without a shirt makes both of our children proclaim the entire person as "Naked!" (This is SO embarrassing to me ... Amelia on more than one occasion has asked in full earshot of a man, "Why does he have no clothes on, Mommy?")

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

We celebrated Daddy's birthday today with a huge 'Niqua balloon (from Backyardigans). Amelia was so delighted to have it in the cart with her and there were other children in the store who looked like they wished they had one, too. Just before checking out I realized I needed white writing stuff for the chocolate cake that was requested by Daddy-oh, so our final stop was the baking aisle. While I found the white among the other 20 colors, Amelia had apparently been "parked" in front of the party plates and as I turned to put the tube in the cart she has selected some green plates and says, "We must get these for Daddy, they say Happy Birthday!" (which they did). It was really cute how serious she was but I tried to dissuade her saying we had some Thomas ones at home I thought we could use. Daddy only wanted us and Nana at his "party" so I knew we weren't going to need many plates. But she was firm, and so cute, so I thought why not. And then she insisted on the matching napkins.

Daddy got home early and Amelia ran out and met him with his 'Niqua balloon. then she "decorated the front yard" with it which means she left it out there and ran in the house to look at through the window. This is something she has enjoyed doing lately. Sometimes when I'm cooking supper I let her stand on the back deck and blow bubbles as long as she stays where I can see her (through the window). She has since become fascinated with what can be seen through windows. She will make a big deal of putting something in either the sun room or kitchen, close the door, get her step stool and then look into the other room. Then last week at church she ran around the building looking in the windows. The side where the nursery is slopes so an almost 4 year-old can easily see into the windows - and be delighted that she recognizes the room she sees!

Oh, and those plates and napkins? Forgot to use them by the time we got around to having cake! But that's okay since we have another birthday coming up in just 12 days!
[picture dated 9/10/09]

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hurt Paw

This one is a couple of months late but I don't want to forget about it, so better late than never.

Amelia went through a phase where she had a "hurt paw" and Aunt Meg (who is a vet) needed to come and fix it. This was during a phase where she was a cat more often than she was a girl. She perfected her mewing and meowing, and Daddy has been working with her on purring. (See the video below to see how far she's come on that. Of course, because it was 'on demand' she wasn't very cooperative. She's saying 'Scratch me behind my ears,' when it first starts, but it's hard to tell because "Scratch" didn't make it on the video clip.)

A couple of months ago Chessie required a house call and Aunt Meg did indeed fix Amelia's hurt paw and then elaborately wrapped toilet paper around it. Then about a month ago we had another house call, this time for Maynard who had an infected thumb claw (it has a special name but I don't remember how to spell it). Since Maynard was in pain and Meg required help in holding him down while he was examined and treated, I was concerned that Amelia would get hurt because she was bouncing around us asking Aunt Meg to look at her hurt paw. To distract her (Amelia, not Meg) I told her to go find three kitties that Aunt Meg could treat and off she dashed into her room. This gave Aunt Meg the amount of time she needed to treat Maynard, who did not seem the least bit appreciative of her help (a male thing? an orange cat thing? both?). And then Aunt Meg treated all three stuffed kitties, each with a different malady apparently (one got a shot in its butt), and then of course Miss Hurt Paw herself got a new dressing.

And in other cat news, her beloved "$3.99.99 kitty" now has the nickname of "Heart" (due to the hearts on the ribbon around her neck I am guessing) and has been even more popular with Amelia lately. Heart was even taken for show and tell yesterday.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Good Job!

I just realized I never posted about this ...

Earlier this summer we were at our favorite somewhat local amusement park which has a Western railroad theme to it (even though we're on the East coast) complete with cowboys and Indians. There's a few hokey shows in a couple of venues and one of them features can-can girls whose names match the colors of the elaborate dresses they wear (Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby). They come down off the stage towards the end of the 10 minute show and the kids can follow in a train as they wind through the audience, then the girls go back up on the stage. Amelia wanted to follow so I went up and held her back while the girls finished the song. Then they sat on the steps at the end of the song and Amelia ran up to them and told EACH of them, "Good job!" Her earnestness was so cute, like it was really important to Amelia to praise each of them so they knew they had done well.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

She likes her teacher

Amelia was a little confused yesterday when I told her it was time to get ready to go to school. She didn't say anything but the look on her face was, "Again? Two days in a row? Trying to compute ..."

Today was her third day and I have confirmation that she loves her teacher. On the way to Nana's Amelia was excitedly talking about how Ms. Lisa was number 17. (She assigns numbers to all the important and well-loved people in her life.)

"Will I see number 17 tomorrow?"
"No, we go again on Tuesday."
"On Tuesday, can I tell Ms. Lisa she's number 17?"
"Yes, of course you can!"

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

First Day of School

Her second year of pre-school began today. Different school, new teacher, new friends to make. She was VERY excited. Yesterday morning on the way to Nana's she asked me, "What day is tomorrow?" When I answered, "Tuesday," she replied in her voice of joyous wonder, "And is it the day I start school?"

When I picked her up her teacher said, "She is so happy! Is she always this way?" I told her, "Yes."

Being happy seems to be the thing many people notice about her and I hope she never loses it.

[Picture dated 9/1/09]