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This blog captures my thoughts and observations of Amelia since there are so many wonderful things I want to just bottle and enjoy. Time doesn't stop and while I will have memories, it will be nice for both her and me to have these in-the-moment snapshots of her life.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

First Black Eye

I finished setting up the Pack-n-Play, turned and walked back toward the front door for the gate. Behind me, I hear Amelia say, "No, no, no, no," and can tell she is following me.

I reach the gate and turn around to assure her I'm not leaving her yet and I see her run full force into a shelf in her pursuit of me. She falls onto the floor and is soundlessly screaming. I scoop her up and try to soothe her. I tell her to breathe. She starts wailing and I try to quiet her. "Doda" brings me ice as I try to assess the damage. There is a bruise already starting to form on the outside corner just under her right eye. The ice comes and it only gets worse for Amelia and she stiffens and tries to get away from me, still screaming with her eyes squeezed shut.

There was minimal ice application, but enough to make a difference, I think. I hope. She clearly didn't want me to leave and wouldn't be fooled by attempts at distraction. "Look, Amelia, your favorite toy! Look at this book, Amelia, it has all kinds of shapes!" She'll sort shapes for me, but is very interactive and I cannot just slip away. If I start to move, she grabs my hand. I finally had to just leave for work while she cried. She did stop before I got in the car, but I still worried all afternoon about her eye. Did it puff up more during the afternoon? Did it affect her nap because she rolled over and the pain woke her up?

I rushed home from work and her eye was no worse than when I left. She had taken a 3 hour nap and was being her usual playful self. I still feel so bad about having caused it by not turning around fast enough, for walking away from her in the first place. She loves me so much and it seems sometimes that all I do is leave her, even though I don't want to.

[picture dated 9/26/07]


Blogger Clementine said...

Poor Amelia and poor you! What a rough morning for you both.

1:07 PM  

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