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This blog captures my thoughts and observations of Amelia since there are so many wonderful things I want to just bottle and enjoy. Time doesn't stop and while I will have memories, it will be nice for both her and me to have these in-the-moment snapshots of her life.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2 years, 4 months

Again, I can't believe how old Amelia is. She is amazing, as always. All day long I think of things worth noting and by the time I have time to record them, I have no brain cells left because it takes a ton of energy to keep up with her!

It was really sad to read about Heath Ledger's death. His daughter, Matilda, is just one month younger than Amelia. The proximity in age and the fact that I considered the name Matilda while I was pregnant made me feel a connection of sorts anytime I saw a picture of her. Of course, it was a bit of an imaginary connection, considering Amelia and Matilda never had a playdate or anything.

The big news at our house is Amelia's room no longer has a queen sized bed in it. We moved her little table and chairs from the sun room into her bedroom, and the toy box bench from the living room into her bedroom, and she loves it! She's been playing in there a lot, and there are fewer toys elsewhere. Plus, where it is allows me to see her easily from the living room. (Another plus to an open floor plan.)


Blogger Clementine said...

I was sad to read about Heath Ledger's death, too. His poor daughter!

We considered the name Matilda as well, but I couldn't go for it because of Heath Ledger and Michele Williamson's Matilda.

1:03 PM  

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