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This blog captures my thoughts and observations of Amelia since there are so many wonderful things I want to just bottle and enjoy. Time doesn't stop and while I will have memories, it will be nice for both her and me to have these in-the-moment snapshots of her life.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Sweet Sixteen

Amelia now has 16 teeth popping up through those gums. She had a rough night Saturday night and Sunday was "enjoying" the watery eyes and sniffles thanks to her teething troubles and lack of good sleep. However, last night she slept really well and since her appetite hasn't diminished either, I know the runny nose is due to the teething. I've been aspirating her, giving her saline and wiping her nose regularly to ensure that this doesn't turn into a cold. As an additional safeguard I also put the humidifier/vaporizer in the room since the heat was also on thanks to this recent (very cold) cold snap.

If I squint at her and smile, she'll imitate me. I love this picture of her taken before she had all 16 teeth (but you can see that huge lower molar that she cut a little while ago):

She was so tired last night - by 6:30 my happy little girl was unusually whiny and stumbling around so I got her ready for bed a little early, but not before she fell into the glider. I think she was "dancing" on her high chair tray and tripped since it was on the floor. I thought she was making more noise with her feet than she should have been - I was going through papers trying to get rid of things that didn't need to be kept and briefly looked behind me just before she fell. When I saw her, it sounded like she was in the kitchen but it looked like she was close enough that she should have been on the carpet. Rather than double checking what was going on, I turned back around and then "thud". I was worried she would wind up with her first black eye but it looks like just a small bruise on the top of her cheek. Daddy wondered aloud just how many times she bumps her head a day - she's really been getting around, checking out (small) spaces/places or going after a ball or other toy, getting on her Tigger, sliding off a chair, etc., and inadvertently hitting some part of her head gently or not-so-gently on something.

Her latest discovery is my rocking chair from my childhood. She has her own that "Granny" made her, but now she's all into my old rocker. She carefully takes all the stuffed animals out, slides it away from the wall, turns around and gets up in it all on her own. Then she'll slide back with her feet hanging off the end and smile a huge smile. Soooo CUTE! (Didn't capture the smile in this picture and you can tell she isn't feeling great, but she's still cute.)

Sunday after church I completely shared a meal with Amelia - no special food just for her. I made a melted cheese sandwich and we both had some followed by an apple. Instead of peeling the apple in the sink, I sliced off the peel and ate those parts and gave her everything else. It was so neat to just share the same food. This is a two-fold accomplishment - I have to eat a little better since I am still picky about what I feed her, and she didn't get any baby food. (My lazy approach to feeding is dumping stage 3 food over pasta for a "main course" in addition to giving her regular green beans or peas, plus peaches or another fruit and crackers or bread.)

[photos dated 3/6/07 & 3/18/07]


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