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This blog captures my thoughts and observations of Amelia since there are so many wonderful things I want to just bottle and enjoy. Time doesn't stop and while I will have memories, it will be nice for both her and me to have these in-the-moment snapshots of her life.

Friday, October 31, 2008



The cutest, most energetic cheerleading cat there ever was. (You can't see the pom-poms she is shaking as she says, "Go TEAM!")


The energy was all spent and she didn't make it home awake from Nana's.

IN BETWEEN: sampling the goodies with Livia.

Tons of fun, lots of running. Totally caught onto "Tigger Treat" (that's what is sounded like sometimes.) However, she would stand so close to the doors, people couldn't open them. And that was after either repeatedly pushing the doorbell or constant knocking. Patience is a virtue she has yet to acquire. No, she doesn't get that from her mommy. (Hey now, be nice.)

[pictures dated 10/31/08]


Blogger Barb said...

Tigger Treat. awwww.

10:51 AM  
Blogger Clementine said...

I'm glad y'all had a nice Halloween!

1:51 PM  
Blogger Sugar and Ice said...

She's definitely the cutest cheerleading cat I've ever seen!

5:00 AM  

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